We are looking for an Experienced Level Designer for Primal Studios' Game Design Team. Depending on your experience this may be a Senior or a staff role.

Primal Studios is the start-up team behind the award winning Jelly Jellies. In the studio we're looking for the most talented and ambitious yet humble game development professionals on the planet to build and expand Jelly Jellies, so we can help the world become a better place. We started developing the game with the thought in mind to raise awareness on the pollution of the ocean. We're a flat organization where you'll find honesty, candid feedback, a shared ambition to raise awareness on issues in the world and a drive to deliver amazing experiences to our players. A balance between work and personal life is very important to us. You will not be faced with many sporadic tasks that can throw you off of this balance, you will always be notified in a timely manner when new tasks are due. We strongly support personal growth and motivate you to expand your awareness.

How do you succeed as a Level Designer at Primal Studios? We believe strongly that content is key, and our level designers are a crucial piece of that content. As a level designer you are responsible for crafting the definitive player touchpoint for our games. You will have control of the entirety of content design, including delivering top-notch levels, conceiving of new gameplay elements, and shaping level difficulty and progression while using data analysis obtained from key performance indexes, to adjust, optimize and perfect your work.

What you'll be responsible for:

It would be great if you have the following experience and attributes:

We are looking for team members who bring their own creative vision and passion into everything they do. You are willing to work as part of a start-up which means that initially there is no money involved, but legal contracts can be set up to obtain company equity in return for services. If that describes you, this is a great opportunity to work, grow, and shine in a fun and creative environment with skilled coworkers, contribute to a captivating new product, and expose your work to a global audience.

What you get when you join us:

We are looking forward to hearing from you, send us your application now!